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Arabic Immersion

Promote authentic and natural teaching of the Arabic language

Arabic Immersion aims to promote authentic and natural teaching of the Arabic language.

This is the method of acquiring the Arabic language through immersion and the practice of the famous Palestinian linguist Professor Abdellah Dannan, to whom, in 2015, was awarded the prize for the best method of teaching the Arabic language in schools.

It is a method that relies on a communicative approach to the Arabic language based on listening and interaction.

This method is at the service of those who work for the Arabic language: schools, training centres, associations and Arabic teachers, but also families and individuals interested in the Arabic language.

The Instructor

Welcome to my Arabic Immersion web site!

My name is Abdelkarim and I am the founder of Arabic Immersion.

I was born in Avignon in April 1983 and I have a Master’s degree (Level 7) in Didactics of Arabic Language Teaching from l’École Supérieure du Professorat et de l’Éducation in Aix en Provence. Ten years ago, I also obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Literature and Civilisation from the Université de Provence in Aix en Provence.

As someone who is passionate about education and the Arabic language, I am both professionally and personally invested in this field.

Actually, I didn’t learn the Arabic language, I was born into it. I acquired it naturally as any child would have acquired French or English in a family environment. My parents taught me love for the Arabic language from an early age.

In addition to my university studies, I have not stopped training. In 2009, I completed a training course provided by Arabic For All, a Saudi institute based in Riyadh specialising in the training of Arabic teachers for non-Arabic speakers.


Objectives of the immersion programme


Develop oral comprehension in a natural way


Form a community of Arabic speakers

Develop love for the Arabic language





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